COLPOFER is one of the eleven associations representing the railway, public transport, and energy sectors as well as the recycling industry - all highly affected by metal theft – which are calling on EU policy makers to take action in order to prevent and counter metal theft in Europe. The coalition aims to raise awareness about the negative effects of metal theft on the functioning and quality of services of general interest and its overall impact on public life. In their common statement, the associations involved urge the EU policy makers to take appropriate steps areas in which Europe-wide action and cooperation is needed in order to complement measures already in force at national level and initiatives already undertaken by the concerned stakeholders. Please here enclosed you may find the the statement and the press release.

COLPOFER WG "Security Corridor X" hosted by "Infrastructure of Serbian Railways" JSC in Belgrade

On 13 October 2017, Center for Security, on behalf of “Infrastructure of Serbian Railways“ JSC, hosted the COLPOFER WG “Security Corridor X“ in Belgrade. “Rail security and safety are one of our company’s priority tasks and in cooperation with our state authorities and other railway companies we are undertaking a number of necessary activities not only to preserve them but also to significantly improve them. From today's meeting we are expecting a series of initiatives and suggestions on the basis of which we will increase the rail security to a higher level”, said Acting Director General of "Infrastructure of Serbian Railways" JSC, Miroljub Jevtic, PhD, in the talks with COLPOFER high representatives. On this occasion for the first time in Belgrade the special guests were the President of COLPOFER Mr. Franco Fiumara and Secretary General Ms. Maria Cristina Fiorentino. The representatives of fifteen railway companies, state authorities and police administrations from Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Republika Srpska and Serbia discussed a number of important issues in the field of rail security, exchanging best practice, knowledge and information, with the main goal of raising the security and safety on Rail Corridor X to a significantly higher level. The discussions were mainly focused on the issues of illegal migration flows in trains, cyber security, as well as railway equipment thefts. The participants of the meeting were unanimous in their conclusion that the need for full cooperation, not only between the railway companies along Corridor X, but also full coordination with the state authorities and police administrations, is necessary in order to significantly improve the railway security. "Infrastructure of Serbian Railways" JSC has been a full member of COLPOFER since 9 June 2016.